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Enphase® Energy // Storage System

Enphase AC Battery™

Delivers the highest lifetime energy value

A key part of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, the Enphase AC Battery delivers the lowest up-front costs and the highest lifetime value for your customers. The Enphase AC Battery is an integrated energy storage system that delivers high performance and superior reliabilty, with the safest battery technology. Its modular architechture can be cost-effective tailored to fulfil your customer’s individual energy needs now and in the future if their needs change.

That’s smart energy. That’s energy evolved.

Lower up-front costs

  • Low storage system cost, fast installation and the Unique modularity allow you to design the right system for your customer

Higher performance

  • 96% round-trip efficiency for the battery
  • Two cycles per day delivers twice the value for a faster payback period
  • Most usable capacity with more than 95% depth of discharge

Greater reliability

  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry from Eliiy Power for long cycle life
  • 10-year warranty
  • No single point of failure


  • Our prismatic cells from Eliiy Power are highly stable over time
  • Safety certified by TUV Rheinland
  • No high voltage DC in system

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Four questions that will help your customer take control of their energy


1. Why sell valuable solar energy back to the utility for a cheap feed-in tariff rate?

With the Enphase AC Battery, your customers can store their excess PV during the day and use it later.


2. Why limit your PV pro-duction because of utility rules against exporting power?

With the Enphase AC Battery, your customers can maximise their onsite PV usage.


3. Why pay peak energy charges?

With the Enphase AC Battery, your customers can reduce their peak energy charges by drawing from the battery instead of from the grid.


4. Why pay for storage capacity you don't need?

The modular Enphase AC Battery can be cost-effectively tailored to your customer's individual energy requirements now and in the future if their needs change.

Why storage makes sense for the home

Energy production and usage are not aligned.

Store energy at peak production times for use later during peak consumption periods.

How the system works with the
Enphase AC Battery


Advantages of an AC Coupled System

  • Upsell new customers and retrofit existing customers— All-AC distributed architecture makes the Enphase AC Battery easy to add to new and existing PV systems alike. No separate inverter needed.
  • Fewer conversions than DC-coupled systems delivers a more efficient overall energy system.
  • No high voltage DC makes the system safe and easy to install.