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December 11, 2017 /

Hi everyone.

We ‘d like to share our experience with GoSolar Newcastle.
We had 12 existing panels, inverter and the 60c feed in tariff. When we knew the tariff was ending, we looked at battery storage. The company that did our existing setup were next to useless – old technology, batteries that would fit nowhere and quite expensive. We came across Go Solar on the internet just by chance. Wayne did a site inspection and quote within a few days, latest technology, batteries that will fit anywhere, panels with own inverters, monitoring software and well priced.

We had the system installed on 18/2- 12 panels, 6 facing east, 6 facing west- and the metering done a couple of days later. So we were up and running. We have the My Enlighten app on the PC, IPad and IPhone. The battery storage will follow in the middle of the year.

We got our electricity account a couple of weeks ago and I’ll come back to that.

We are big energy users, air con, pool, solar heating for the pool, spearpoint (bore water), dryer, dishwasher and the usual collection of TV’s, PC’s etc. Over the past few years we have bought energy saving replacement products, dishwasher, pool pump etc and because we have a time of use meter, we have changed when we used appliances, setting the spearpoint, pool pump, dishwasher to off peak usage, etc. And we have reduced our bills considerably. Once the Enphase system was up and running we again changed when we ran things, took the pool, dishwasher and spearpoint out of off peak and into shoulder period for some of the time for example

Our latest electricity account was a revelation, The account was from 23/12/2015 – to 23/3/2016. Only 1 month of the bill was after the new panels went in. Our bill was $70 cheaper than the same time last year, but it was the daily kw/hour usage that was most pleasing

Peak down 8.2 kw/day
Shoulder down 15.1 kw/day
Off peak down 9.7 kw/day

We’re really happy with those figures after just a month’s usage and given that we don’t have storage yet and can’t use all the energy produced at time of production, things can only get better.

Word of caution with your energy provider. Check your bills very carefully. Our bill was later than usual, I contacted the company and apparently our details weren’t in the system and they couldn’t get our bill to load! We’ve been here 11 years. After about a week we got the accounts – all 4 of them. 2 were cancelled, 1 amended and added to the 4th bill. There were debits, credits, balances carried forward flying all over the place. Took more than a week to get it sorted.

We are very pleased we decided to upgrade when we did and highly recommend the Enphase system and Go Solar Newcastle. Thanks to Lindsay, Wayne and all the team at GoSolar.