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December 11, 2017 /

Thanks Lindsay, if we weren’t the last 2 people on earth that don’t have a facebook account i’d be only too happy to leave some very positive feedback, the entire experience has been outstanding. At every stage everyone we dealt with has been highly skilled, professional and courteous. i wasn’t around for the install team which is a shame as Denise told me how good they were even taking care to make sure our perpetually baffled old dog didn’t do a runner as they were coming and going and its a really neat and tidy job.. and wayne.. what a legend, especially after you get a good couple of shots of espresso into him.. ::-) so thankyou from all of us to all of you..

the ausgrid guy (he also had lots of good things to say about the system we got and GoSolar as well) came today and put the smart meter in and we’re up and running.. noticed that the hot water system has moved to a different time and comes on in the afternoon now but i can’t see it being a problem, its one of those heat pump ones and didn’t run for long anyway.. looking forward to tinkering with the app, what a system to have for gadget junkies like us ::-)