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Mr Jensen

December 11, 2017 /

Just a note to say using the Enlighten system I was able to clearly identify over time the periods where my additional electric hot water system in the granny flat was kicking in to recover heat after the shower was used. These times where always during non-sunny periods translating into a cost directly to me.

Studying my data over time I could see consistent periods of low demand during peak solar production in-between operation cycles of my pool pump. By placing a timer on my electric hot water system and placing the on times to synchronise in between the pool cycles I have been able to effectively convert my electric hot water system to a solar system at a much lower cost than replacement. In addition I am making more effective use of the power I am producing during the day rather than exporting it for a non-competitive rate of 7 cents a unit only to have to buy it back that night or early next morning at 25 cents to operate the hot water system.

The Enlighten system’s accuracy via regular 15 minute updates showing production over consumption and the remaining export component with the collecting of data over time is allowing me to get the most out of my solar system as it is, therefore I fully expect to be able to gain even more efficiencies and further gains once the batteries become available.