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The Encharge Battery Storage System

Lindsay Parker

The Encharge battery storage system offers configurations ranging from 3.5kWh to 42kWh, along with the option to upgrade and expand through the lifetime of the system. The introduction of battery storage to Enphase’s existing microinverter business in Australia will help meet installer and homeowner needs for a safe and reliable all-in-one solution. Homeowners can also use the Enphase Enlighten® mobile app to intelligently manage their solar energy in Self-Consumption Mode to minimize the use of electricity from the grid, which saves on energy bills and supports a more reliant grid.

Enphase already offers 24/7 customer support, and now homeowners can count on that for both their microinverters and batteries,” said Mark Parker, Sales Manager of GoSolar Newcastle. “With only one centralized source of training and support for installers makes a big difference in the quality of our interactions with customers.”

“Enphase’s flexibility is a major benefit for our customers,” said Lindsay Parker, CEO of GoSolar Newcastle. “Instead of needing to predict electricity usage decades into the future, Enphase lets homeowners grow their systems over time to meet their needs with reliable solar and battery solutions.”

Enphase offers an all-in-one solution, which allows Australian homes to optimize their energy usage and reduce their overall energy bill,” said Peter van Berkel, General Manager of Enphase Energy. “Australia is the second expansion market for Encharge battery storage, and we plan to expand the product into other APAC markets in the coming months.”

The Encharge battery’s lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry is safer by design, and Enphase microinverters provide better reliability without high-power DC voltage — putting product safety first where it matters most, at home. A passive cooling system provides better performance with fewer moving parts. And of course, if anything ever goes wrong, Enphase offers 24/7 support.

Enphase Encharge Battery video

The below video explains the advantages of the Enphase Encharge Battery Storage system, especially when it comes to situations where there is an outage of the electricity grid.

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Lindsay Parker

Lindsay is the CEO of GoSolar Newcastle. His business has installed over 7000 solar energy systems in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, and Hunter Valley area since 2010.
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