Our Solar Installation Process

When you express interest in investing in Solar our process begins with a free quote, taking into account your specific property situation, and providing you all the information you need to evaluate your investment. With over 7000 installations we’ve found its best to keep things simple with a standard pricing model.

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free solar installation quote

Solar Quote

When you express your interest to invest in Solar our installation process begins with a free assessment of your specific property situation.

Within a couple of days of the inspection, alongside a complete roof layout plan, you will receive a detailed quote including the initial investment required, and the potential savings from your new solar home system, taking into account your current and future energy consumption needs, and our feed-in tariff estimation.

Free Inspection

We will review your specific property for any potential hindrances, such as trees. Some houses may also need a metre board upgrade. We also inspect for the presence of asbestos, which need to be accounted for.

Specialised Software

We employ specialised software that calculates your property’s potential yearly production, down to the kilowatt, operating at a 95% accuracy level.


How much does it cost?

Several factors can affect the cost of installing a solar power system. First and foremost, the size and quantity panels required. Even considering different roof setups may affect actual solar installation time, for instance, a terracotta tile roof may take longer, we maintain a standard pricing model based on the size and quantity of panels installed.

If you are happy for us to proceed, we will ask you for a 10% deposit. We typically set up the project, take care of the paperwork, and get your system up and running within 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of payment. We arrange the installation for a day that suits you

Standard Pricing Model

We maintain a standard pricing model to keep things simple for the you and for ourselves. Therefore, the cost of your solar installation will be directly proportional to the size and quantity of panels installed, period.

What About ROI?

What About ROI?
In our experience, most layouts have a 4 to 5 years’ return on investment, depending on how optimal is the Solar Panel array orientation.

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solar system INSTALLATION

What we need from You

We require an adult to be present at the start of the solar installation process, as we will be needing full access to the circuitry and the roof, and to confirm any final details before commencing work. During the summer months, you can expect an early morning appointment (around 7 am) so as not to keep you from your daily engagements.

Most solar installations require about 5 to 7 hours, and by lunchtime, our work will be done. This time frame includes the whole setup, including internet connection, and battery tests, to ensure everything is in full order.

Prompt Service

Your solar installation will be carried out by three GoSolar technicians. We do not use third-party contractors. Our qualified technicians will professionally install your Solar energy system and only leave after confirming that the system is 100% on.

Training Materials

Within a few hours of our solar installation, you will receive an activation link granting you full access to your consumption data. We will provide a user’s manual and training materials for reading your data. By mid-afternoon, you will have a clear overview of your system, in full working order, and already getting you results.

solar system INSTALLATION

After your Solar Energy System is installed

You will be invoiced only once the setup is 100% functional, and we are all happy with the outcome. The preferred method of payment is direct deposit; however, we also accept credit card and cash. Naturally, we will make sure to follow up with you in short order to check that you’re happy with your installation or have any feedback for us. We will, of course, be glad to receive any referrals you may have. After that, every five years, we will send you a reminder to clean your solar panels which is a service we also offer.

10 Month Warranty

In addition to the generous manufacturers warranty on the products we use, we offer a 10-month warranty period for the installation, i.e. if you were to find a leak through the roof due to our work, we would be happy to take care of that.

Easy Upgrades

If your energy requirements increase and you decide you need an upgrade its easily taken care of. Thanks to the modular micro-inverter system we use, the energy produced by the solar panels is converted to household energy at one centralised point. This means that increasing production is as easy as installing and connecting new solar panels, without the need for any re-fitting or additional work.

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Free Solar Solution Quote

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