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How A Solarwork Evacuated tube system works

Sunlight passes the outer glass layer through the vacuum and onto
the selective coating of the inner glass layer trapping the heat within
the evacuated tube.

Heat is transferred to the copper heat exchanger within the insulated manifold via high performance heat pipe.

An energy efficient circulating pump is used to transfer water to the heat exchange where it is solar heated as it passes across the heat pipes. The solar heated water is returned to the storage cylinder.

SolarArk systems are resilient in all weather conditions from extreme heat waves, hailstorms, strong winds and freezing temperatures.

SolarArk systems are perfectly suited for frost prone areas, snow and rapid changes in temperature capable of producing hot water under harsh environments.

SolarArk is an Australian manufacturer of high quality, enhanced performance evacuated tube solar collector with our own manufacturing and warehousing facility. Our team of engineers and skilled employees are committed to our product development and quality control.

SolarArk Products can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications effectively harnessing the suns’ energy, due to the cylindrical shaped tubes designed to track the sun for longer periods of the day, at all times of the year.

Why solar hot water?

  • Significantly reduce your ever increasing energy costs
  • Clean energy with long product life expectation
  • Reduce your carbon foot print

Why install a solarark hot water system?

  • Hot water typically contributes 38% of Australian family’s energy costs. SolarArk evacuated tube solar collectors, can reduce your energy costs for hot water by up to 90%
  • Saving you more money, by providing Superior performance and high quality product
  • Australian owned, designed and operated
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to Australia’s energy conservation efforts
  • Price competitive
  • Industry leaders for design and performance in solar hot water
  • 15 years warranty on Collector - The longest available in Australia
  • Rigorous standards and methods for installation Australia wide
  • Exceptional customer support and backup service
  • Network of authorised dealers and service agents

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