solar hot water – iStore 180l Air to energy

iStore 180L Revolutionising Hot Water

As we shift toward the era of energy independence, with battery storage being the choice for clean power, the iStore offers a cost effective storage solution as an alternative and reliable storage device. Further maximise the full potential of the iStore by syncing it with a solar power system, and the easy-to-use, built-in smart timer will offset any excess power to the iStore, saving you even more.

Image of an iStore 180L Solar Hot Water heater
Image of an iStore 180L Solar Hot Water heater installed against a red brick exterior wall
iStore 180L

How it works

The iStore 180L is a thermal energy storage unit that stores your excess solar energy and transforms it into hot water for you to use when you need it.

The iStore utilises intelligent technology to convert air into hot water.

The iStore storage capacity could be compared to a 6 kW traditional battery system.

  1. A fan draws in air containing heat energy, across the evaporator.
  2. The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas.
  3. The compressor pressurises the refrigerant into a hot gas.
  4. The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the coil-wrapped tank.
  5. The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating the water and continues to the evaporator for the process to start again.
  6. The cycle continues until the set target temperature is achieved.
An image diagram showing the inner workings of an iStore 180L solar hot water heater
How an iStore 180L works
Image of an iStore 180L Solar Hot Water heater installed against a corrugated iron wall
iStore 180L

Maximise Your Solar Power System

Setting up the user-friendly timer to run throughout the peak hours of solar PV generation provides amazing storage benefits.

Store your excess solar power into the iStore for usage within peak hours and get maximum return on investment for both your solar PV and iStore purchases.

Why Install an iStore?


The iStore boasts 4 intelligent operating modes adapting to all situations, including a hybrid mode for when additional guests are staying in your home and a vacation mode for when you are away on holidays.

Optimal Design

External wrap around heating coil, which provides maximum thermal energy transfer.

Easy to Install

The iStore 180L is easy and quick to install.

Low Consumption

The iStore consumes approximately 450 W of energy per hour during the air-to-energy process (average household running cycle is 3-4 hours = 1.35 / 1.8kW total).

Money and Energy Savings

Heating water for the home accounts for up to 30 % of the total energy usage for the average Australian household. iStore can reduce Co2 emissions by 4 tonnes.

Receive STCs

Small Scale Technology Certificates(STC) create a financial incentive to install small-scale renewable energy systems by reducing upfront installation costs.

Compare the Cost Savings

iStore 180L running cost
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