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  • Microinverters or DC optimisers
    In the past the most common inverter is a central unit that does the DC-to-AC conversion for a group of solar panels. For a small installation, like a home solar system, you’ll usually need just one central inverter. This type is called a string inverter because the solar panels are wired together in one or … Continue Reading
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
    Water heating can be responsible for up to 25% of your energy consumption. Especially for households relying on electricity for water heating, a solar hot water system can save significant amounts of money. With a bit of planning (for instance, taking showers in the evening, after a sunny day), a solar hot water system can … Continue Reading
  • Solar Panel Installation
    You’ve heard of the benefits of going solar and are now in the market for a solar panel solution that’ll work for you. It turns out, there’s a huge variety of solar panel systems accessible to residential customers. Some of these may even price well into the tens of thousands of dollars. So how do … Continue Reading